Sunday, April 1, 2007

Talkin' Talking Points Memo

Talking Points Memo, a blog operated by Joshua Micah Marshall, provides a steady stream of news items, editorials, and links which allow the reader an opportunity to follow the daily action on the national political scene. What sets this blog apart is the presence of Marshall, and other contributors, whose additions let the reader get deeper into stories. The entire blog is very efficient; the links Marshall and others provide are quality without being too many. Most items are directly quoted from journalists and are supported by Marshall's own writing which provides background information without wasting a word.

What Talking Points Memo is doing is a perfect example of bloggers contributing to national news coverage without diminishing the role of traditional journalists. More often than not his news links are to the Post and Times, and it seems, whenever possible, he'll refer his readers to the two national papers of record. He gathers news, sifts through for relevant stories and articles, and passes along the important text, a citation for where to find it, and his own contextualizing of it all. In doing so, he operates symbiotically with traditional news outlets, enhancing their ability to reach the widest possible audience while they provide him with the bulk of his content.

What's really amazing about this blog is the amount of information you get just from reading it once or twice a day. Marshall keeps tabs on a wide range of mostly domestic issues, active scandals, developing concerns, and profiles news makers, while offering his own thoughts on all of the above. Probably the only thing you could say about Marshall's site is you can't read news on his site without knowing how he feels about it. Though, at a site which is self-described as "commentary on political events from a politically left perspective," you have an idea that you can expect the contributors to be up front on how they feel. And, while its good to read a news story without getting someone's opinion on its contents beforehand, it's Marshall and company that makes the work blog so well and the good vastly outweighs the bad.


Michael Vick said...

I enjoy getting objective news coverage, but there is something to be said for objectively calling a spade a spade. Keith Olberman and Edward R. Murrow are two great examples of reporters who were willing to speak truth to power, and Joshua Marshall is another.

I don't have a problem with journalists and news commentators being biased, so long as they're up front about it. It's when they call themselves "fair and balanced" that I start to question their credibility.

eerickson said...

so i checked out the blog and im loving it... hes got an interesting perspective that i feel doesn't compromise too much objectivity. (nice title to your blog)