Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Someone's watching you...!

I was excited that looking at ‘mapping softwares’ was our homework, mainly because last year my roommate and I used to always look stuff up on Google Maps (So, being the dork I am I have some background on the whole ‘Google map’ thing.) Although, I never added a map or anything like that, so this project will be good to further my previously acquired ‘mapping’ knowledge.

The satellite option on ‘Google Earth’ is awesome, but if you think about it…kinda creepy! For example, when my friend Kristi from home ‘Google maps’ her house in Crete, IL if you zoom in as far as it will let you, you can see her and her x-boyfriend in the driveway standing next to his yellow Ferrari. Like I said, really cool, but who took that picture…weird huh?

Web 2.0 and all of the interactive abilities that come along with it, has really opened up consumer possibilities. Web 2.0 is crucial for our DJ class success! Google Maps & Google Earth are perfect softwares, because they are easy to use and an ample amount of ‘accessories’ (so to speak).

G Map’s also include all the necessary tools for DJ to personalize our very own map:
* Mark your favorite places on your map.
* Draw lines and shapes to highlight paths and areas.
* Add your own text, photos, and videos.
* Publish your map to the web.
* Share your map with friends and family.


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