Sunday, April 1, 2007

Jeff Jarvis; A Prime Candidate for Rare Feevy Grant?

Jeff Jarvis is an engaging blogger that writes on issues that are largely political and involve journalism. A professional in the News Media industry he is essentially a modern sensei of media and an independent defender of the Journalism industry.
BuzzMachine is Jarvis’s boasted blog with over a million daily viewers. His links are supportive of his blogs and provide background on the information that he is giving. As fresh online journalists, we need to consider what initially attracts readers to certain blogs. There is most definitely an aspect to Jarvis’s blog that is undeniably well liked by many bloggers, it is up to us to discover what that secret is.
Most importantly, Jarvis has a distinguished tone to his blog. “I laughed which was more polite than scoffing with scorn…” his cynical humor entertains the audience with wit and intelligence. Read a few of his articles and you will be addicted to his smooth flow of words and inspirational outlook on journalism.
Seriously, fellow aspiring journalists this is a blog to read for feel good reasons (amongst many other equally excellent reasons). In a fairly pessimistic area of study (in regards to income and job opp.’s) it’s refreshing to read a blogger with a solid voice and well-rounded outlook on Media today (+ positive spin on things).

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