Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On International Affairs

BuzzMachine had an interesting post that captured my attention not so much because of the content, but more so the response it received. The blog itself is concerning the optimism that European Media has in regards to the future of News.

Now, I realize that Internet is universal, it is globalized, packaged and marketed to mankind everywhere but… this failed to fully register until I read a comment from a German blogger responding to what Jeff Jarvis had written.

Hmm… will we here at USFblogtastic attract an international audience? We can only hope so. Something else I was considering was language barrier. How long will it be before there is a link we can hit on blogger to instantaneously translate the blog into any desired language? (Or does that already exist?)

In Regards to Mapping: I am definitely a fan of Platial mapping because well, it’s “The Peoples Atlas”. And it truly is, the detail one can include in Platial maps is astounding. It isn’t just any map; Platial is a handbook to your neighborhood, city, state, and world. You can find a good restaurant around your block on Platial OR you can look up an obscure city in some foreign country thousands of miles away.

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