Sunday, April 1, 2007

Amazing Places and Great Food

Travel and good food is what this blog is all about. Cordon Bleu graduate and freelance writer, Roselyn Sugay de Helbling weaves descriptions, reviews, and recipes about food around the world in her blog titled, Gourmet Traveller. From Argentina to London and France to Spain, she transports readers to a different part of the world while making their mouths water. Although not dealing directly with the topic of digital journalism, Roselyn incorporates words and pictures to tell a story similar to what can be found in travel/food/lifestlye sections in newspapers and magazines. Because some students in our class, including myself, are interested in writing in this style rather than the more formal approach of news writing, this blog would be an interesting addition to our class blog feevy.

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Michael Vick said...

I'm a big fan of good food, so I don't see a problem with having a food review blog on our feevy. It is reporting, just about a different subject.