Wednesday, April 11, 2007

5:23 AM

I looked at the blog, "My Year of Getting Published" and read an interview with a travel writer. The "kiwi writer" interviewed Candy Harrington, a travel writer who wrote two books, There is Room in the Innand Barrier Free Travel. The Kiwi writer asked questions about how she got started, her big break her biggest challenge, and any advice she has for people hoping to get into travel writing.

Harrington's challenges are running her business while on the road and maintaining her health. She says that a sense of humor is essential. Her advice to writing hopefuls is to get a staff position to learn the ropes and to build up a network. "never, ever stop marketing yourself. Writing is the easy part -- selling yourself is harder." Harrington is the editor of the magazine "Emerging Horizons," which is a resource for people with physical disabilities who travel.

I really enjoy the advice and the people the kiwi writer seeks out to interview and we can learn a lot from her and her interviewees.

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