Wednesday, February 7, 2007

our first blog post

hello! here lies the words and images of blogtastic, USF's first and only digital journalism collective. you may wish to call this a blogventure.

we are nine strong - eight students and one prof - from all over the united states.

and remember, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." welcome to our first impression.

and by the way, the professor doesn't capitalize his posts so, well, get over it.


Ivan Chew said...

As they say, "Welcome to the Blogosphere". Two unsolicted suggestions to consider: (1) Include an "About" page. You can publish a blog post and add its permalink at the sidebar. It'll be useful to know what's the purpose of the blog, other than who's posting in it. I'm not sure how it's for other people. For me, when I encounter a new blog, I tend to look for the "About Page" to get a sense (among other things) how much the the blog content is worth subscribing.

(2) Start a blogroll and better yet, start citing other blogs. You might want to get the occasional conversation going (blogs are about 'conversations', imho).

OK, good luck with the blog. I'm curious to see how it evolves, and where it'll go.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Here's a comment that contains more welcome and less advice.


didn't mean to shout...

david silver said...

ivan - excellent suggestions. we meet as a class again on wed and we will discuss both of these suggestions. i think it would be great to collaboratively write the About Us page. i also think it would be a fun exercise to have students add their favorite journalism/digital journalism-related blogs to our blog roll. or, better yet, our soon to be feevy!

david silver said...

michael - THANK YOU.