Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Corporate power has reached unprecidented levels. Corporations have grown to exceed most of the worlds nations in size and power. Their effect on the enviroment and global economomy and culture is difficult to grasp. But unlike a nation-state a corporation is not beholden to the people. As an average citizen we have no say in regards to the actions of corporate giants. Yet their actions have drastic effects on the world we live in.
Two brave brits are a part of the effort to reverse this dynamic. Helen Steel and Dave Morris are the creators McSpotlight is an extension of their fight against Mcdonalds and corporate greed and exploitation. Mcdonalds sued Steel and Morris for libel in what became the longest running trial in british history. Their website catologues this entire ordeal and offers an extrodinary amount of info about Mcdonalds continous abuses, links to other corporate fights and websites, and ways to get involved.


ChristinaK said...

great picture!

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love this picture... hilarious