Monday, February 12, 2007

Blogging about a Blogger who became famous for Blogging

“That’s hot.” And so is he. Perez Hilton, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, has made his career jet-setting from New York, where he resides, to Los Angeles, where he is commonly found at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, his “office” on Sunset Boulevard viciously and relentless blogging about celebrities on his site, With at least two dozen posts a day, Hilton blogging about celebrities has in turn made him a celebrity, as he is often seen gallivanting around town with gal pal Paris Hilton and hosting parties of his own for the famous Hollywood in crowd.

Despite Paris, Hilton is not loved by all. The 29 year old, Cuban American, who is a NYU graduate, is being sued for $7.6 million by X17 Inc., paparazzi who claim that Hilton has used many of the company’s photos without permission. Hilton’s site features at least 15 pictures on each page (usually five pages worth of gossip) with outlandish remarks, bold opinions, and sarcasm. Hilton defends his work, “my position is that I don’t think what I am doing is illegal, and I am going to vigorously defend myself. I am willing to step up to the plate and fight for my rights and fight for the rights of all bloggers,” said Hilton in a LA Times article. Undoubtedly $7.6 million is a hearty sum for nearly everyone, yet Hilton sets himself apart from the average blogger as he expects to make six figures this year from his site alone, where you can find at least 22 advertisements running down the side of the page.

Self proclaimed as “Hollywood’s most hated website,” Hilton should be inspiration to all. As he shows how a not so recognizable actor (i.e. appeared on an episode of the Sopranos) can rake in six figures and achieve celebrity status as he writes a little something about big nothings (most celebrities... even Paris herself). Cheers to the power of blogging!


Michael Vick said...

The fact that "Perez Hilton" became famous for blogging is fine, but it's the way he did it that bothers me. I detest gossip columnists. It's one of the lowest forms of journalism, right behind the insensitive jerk who asks a grieving widow how she feels at her husband's funeral.

Christina said...

I didn't know what Perez Hilton was and now I have a new site to check out. Great picture too.

SKBlackburn said...

This is a great blog, I love It was interesting to learn some of his background information and the problems he has issues he has dealt with in terms of being a 'blogger.'

ChristinaK said...

Loved your blog! You have a knack for writing. :)