Thursday, March 1, 2007

Accident on Turk and Chabot (?)

Does anybody know about the accident on Turk and Chabot? I heard that a car hit two people and one of them died. If anyone has information, let me know. Thanks. And be careful crossing the street!


SKBlackburn said...

im not sure, i saw the accident after and the car had crashed pretty much halfway through the concrete wall on the side of the house, and i heard there were pedestrians inside also, but nothing else! i am curious too. that is so sad, and unbelievable.

david silver said...

oh, this is terrible.

according to abc7news, no one is dead but things are serious:

"At least one person is seriously hurt following an accident near the University of San Francisco.

Police say the person suffered life-threatening injuries in the crash this afternoon when an SUV plowed into a building at the corner of Chabot Terrace and Turk Street.

Investigators haven't said if the injured person was in the SUV or on the street."

ChristinaK said...

more info.:
there were two pedestrians, one is in the hospital and the other died, she was Dean Gmelch's (School of Education)wife. :(